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Flu shots are in stock for patients of ALL ages!  Call and schedule your physical or make a nurse appointment to get the vaccine.  Stay well!

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About Us

Our physicians, Internal Medicine Doctors and Pediatricians in Novi, provide exceptional care for you and your family. From the time you make your appointment until you walk out the door, our staff will treat you like family to ensure you have had the best possible experience in our practice.

To schedule an appointment, call our office at (248) 374-0502 or request an appointment online.

What is Internal Medicine and Pediatrics?

We provide full-service pediatric and adult medical services for our patients. Through combined training, a “Med-Peds” physician is both a fully trained internist (physician for adults) and a fully trained pediatrician (physician for children). This allows one physician to provide comprehensive care for the entire family, from the newborn to the geriatric patient. We provide a full spectrum of healthcare, including well and sick care for both adults and children with a focus on preventative care.

The Novi Difference

Because our physicians are double board certified to care for patients of all ages, your family can feel comfortable knowing you have a physician who can treat your family for life. There’s no need to find a new doctor when your children are too old for the pediatrician and there’s no need for a physician who specializes in the elderly because treating the whole family is what we do best. 

The Novi difference allows you and your loved ones to receive the personalized and professional medical care you need; from simple medical conditions to the very complex, our team of experienced physicians strives to deliver advanced care you can rely on for a lifetime.

Patient-Centered Medical Home

Novi Internal Medicine and Pediatrics is proud to be a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH). At the heart of the PCMH is the relationship between you, the patient, and your health care team led by your doctor. Our main concern is the health and wellness of our patients, and our primary goal is to provide the best comprehensive and coordinated health care for patients at all stages of their life.

It may seem easier to see any doctor you can when you or a family member is sick, but having a PCMH (one doctor you call every time) means you are more likely to get the best possible care. If you see the same doctor every time, they will know what sicknesses and health care you have had and you will develop a relationship with your doctor and the healthcare team.

As your doctor or provider of choice, we will:

  • Explain diseases, treatments and results in an easily understandable manner
  • Listen to your feelings and questions, helping you make decisions about your care
  • Provide timely access to medical care and same day appointments, whenever possible
  • Provide the care you need when needed
  • Provide care based on quality and safety
  • Send you to trusted experts, if needed
  • End every visit with clear instructions about expectations, treatment goals and future plans

We trust you, our patient, to:

  • Ask questions, share your feelings, and be a part of your care
  • Be honest about your medical history, symptoms, and other important information about your health
  • Tell your doctor about any changes in your health and well-being
  • Make healthy decisions about your daily habits and lifestyle
  • Let us know when you see other doctors and what medications they may put you on or change
  • Ask other doctors to send us a report about your care when you see them
  • Prepare for your appointment by getting your lab work done before the day of your appointment so your doctor can go over the results with you during the appointment time (this is for routine labs you have done for chronic illnesses such as diabetes, etc.)
  • Keep your appointments as scheduled whenever possible
  • End every office visit with a clear understanding of your doctor’s expectations, treatment goals, and future plans for you
Novi Internal Medicine & Pediatrics

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